Cottage day

Pablo, the kids and I went to my sister and brother-in-law's cottage today. It was the first time that I've been there since they bought it last fall. They have begun a major overhaul of the place. The whole inside is getting painted. The kitchen was ripped out today. All new flooring is going to be installed. It is going to be fantastic once it is done.

While we were there today, it rained, snowed, hailed and the sun came out. All of this over a 2 hour period. It was so ridiculous. When the sun was out, I scooted the kids outside so they could stay out of the way of the 10 people there doing reno work. The place is quite small so 10 people made it really crowded. I snapped a bunch of photos of the kids while they were outside. I can't wait to take more photos there when the weather is warmer and not so crazy.

this weekend, the kids got new rainboots and raincoats. Isabella got her rainboots in a SIZE 1 (INSANE) and Simon got a SIZE 9 (AGAIN INSANE). Our kids have super huge feet.

all about the puddles

Simon kept looking away when I'd call his name...

Her Crustiness needed a nap - that face tells all

I almost got this stick in the face

SHOCKER! - he actually looked when I called him

he looks so edible in yellow

I called both their names and they both actually sort of looked over

I told her to get close to Simon, I didn't tell her to hug him because I knew that would piss him off

Simon was very distraught that Isabella had a wet leaf stuck to her boot. Little did he know that he did too...


did I mention how cute Simon looks in yellow?

Isabella being a pest and trying to put Simon's hood up

I was blowing bubbles and they were chasing the bubbles


I didn't realize that Isabella was trying to open the bubbles upside down

still me not noticing bubbles are upside down and now leaking all over the place

Random Simon item to mention. For the last few weeks, when Simon walks, his right foot points out to the side alot. Alot more than his left. Makes him look like he's limping when he walks. Pablo and I mentioned this to our family doctor when we saw her last and she said it could possibly be a hip infection. I've been REALLY trying not to google it. We're going to have to get this looked at soon because it isn't going away like I was hoping it would. Damn.


  1. two wunderful, beautiful and cutest kiddys! :o) I love the raincape from Isabella!


  2. DON'T GOOGLE IT!!!!!!!!!!

    Adorable pictures! But how could they not be with those subjects!



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