Our Easter Sunday

The kids had an Easter egg hunt in the morning at our place. Isabella was so excited. Simon was confused at first and then he got the hang of it and went crazy.

Simon checking out his gifts

Simon found Easter eggs on the stairs

Isabella found a present and shrieked with joy

Simon finding more eggs
Isabella and the eggs she found

We spent most of the day at my parents place. Thankfully it was nice enough outside that we spent some time out there and the kids ran around and played sports. Simon was napping during most of the picture taking so I don't have any photos of him at my parents'. I think my sister might have taken some photos so I might post some of those once she puts them on flickr.

playing outside

she loves soccer!

my pretty girl

so serious when it comes to sports...

Isabella and her cousin Gianna (who is almost 6 months old)

Gianna was mesmorized by Isabella

big hugs

more of the fascination with each other. I can tell they are going to be best friends.

us minus napping Simon

Pablo and I

me and the boo

Pablo and the boo

happy Gianna

this was not a very good idea - she was so uncomfortable

playing marbles

love this one


  1. These are so lovely. What a beautiful Easter. xoxo.

  2. Great family pictures! Those are so hard to get and all luck.

    In the first one with Isabella playing she looks like the enforcer coming with that bat. Is she going after those slow Tim's employees????

  3. Thanks nicole!

    Collette - Isabella is so serious when it comes to sports. Kinda scary. All her dad's fault...



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