Simon's new medical issue

No end in sight to the medical issues that plague this house. If it's not Pablo, then it's one of the kids. I seem to be the only one without issues.

The latest issue with Simon is that he has been walking with his feet pointing out - especially his right foot. We took him to see our family doctor and she wants him to get xrays done at the local children's hospital because he has 'EXTREME EXTERIOR ROTATION OF THE HIPS'. I refuse to google this because if this means surgery I am gonna lose my mind. Simon already had hernia surgery when he was a few months old. What are the chances that he needs another random surgery before the age of three?!?!?!? (Here's me trying to take deep breaths). Like father, like son?!?!?!? Shit.

We're still waiting to hear back from the children's hospital about speech therapy for Simon too.

One good bit of news is that Pablo had an ultrasound on his back yesterday and the pilonidal cyst we thought had returned (and would require surgery) HAS NOT RETURNED. Now Pablo needs to have xrays on his back to find out why he has so much lower back pain.

It never ends.


  1. All I can say is hang in...have a lovely Easter weekend andwe all send good wishes your way!

  2. Thanks Heather! Wishing you a wonderful Easter weekend too.

  3. Our pediatrician sent a 1.5 year old Gabe to a specialist because she was worried there was a possibility of a hernia. We went and the specialist and 3 students crammed into a tiny room with us where she declared that it was not a hernia but instead he had "all that lovely groin fat."

    I hope Simon's hip is the hip-ly equivalent. ;-)

  4. I hope so too!!! That was a cute story. :) (the 'groin fat' had me laughing)



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