Colour to the max!

I was perusing through Apartment Therapy the other day and came across an eclectic and colourful family home. The kids' rooms are full of colour too - no lack of creativity here! Check them out:


  1. I am not a girly-girl but that canopy bed...sigh. I used to have to travel a lot for work and I had to go to Columbus, Mississippi where I stayed at a bed and breakfast. It was like I was staying in a family guest room and the bed had a canopy. The bed was so high that you had to use a stool to get into it. Antique rugs on the floor and doilies everywhere. It would drive me nuts to live there but oh man, I loved staying there. And a big front porch with a rocking chair. Oh my.

    I love that freaking screen door too. In our building, there used to be screen doors on all the apartments so you could open the doors and get a better breeze. When we cleaned out the basement 15 years ago, there were some screen doors left. I begged Joe to let us get one and he was Mr. No. I'm still a little bitter.

  2. That bed and breakfast sounds heavenly!!! I love the screen door too! - and the double doors into the girls room too! I just love the character of old homes. I've been dying to get a screen door for our front door too. It would allow for some much air flow on the main floor since we have no windows at the front of the house on the main floor. Maybe next summer...



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