If I could redo Isabella's room one day...

This would be it. This room belongs to the daughter of Isabelle McAllister (Dos Family) - photos via Hus & Hem.



  1. Wow. (Although I will admit that those white floors still make me shudder. Mine would NEVER be white.)

  2. So bright and bold! Bet she'd love it too. And I just *love* a white-painted floor.

  3. I absolutely love white floors (says she who put in dark, dark brown hardwood on the whole main floor). Why don't you like them Collette?

    Bright and bold = Isabella. The triangle wall is to die for. I would even forgo wallpaper and paint all the triangles I love it that much.

  4. I think they can look really cold and I can't stand the thought of washing them. Ever. We have hardwood and it's dark. I vacuum (well, SOMEONE vacuums once a week) and never, ever wash them unless I'm cleaning up some mess. I think I'd be cleaning up the white floors all the time.

    So, basically, dislike of white floors mostly = lazy. ;-)

  5. Our dark hardwood is a pain in my ass. I find it always looks dirty and especially when the sun is shining on it. (Just washed it yesterday too - it needed a wipe down BADLY). White might be just as much of a pain but I like how white makes a space appear larger.

  6. Isn't that funny? Same reasons, different result!



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