Mobiles in kids' rooms


  1. oh my lord!!!! PERFECT, my twin girls are going on three but thought we could make somthing mobile inspired together for their room, hubby nicked/borrowed a really nice branch from a sculpture garden park we picknicked in today (not an art installation you understand just a random wind torn branch...i think lol)the girls are really excited about the idea...oh which to pick!! i fancy a bit of everything as usual...and i'm even side tracked by the awesome nik nak shelving in one of the picks.
    thank you lady x

  2. I'm so glad you like the post Helen!!! I have a post all ready for next week (prob Monday) on different ways sticks were used in kids' rooms so check that out! The shelving you had your eye on, if it's the printer drawer (BeerlalaBlog photo) - those are awesome. I have one in the basement and I use it for all the little men and tiny items that get easily lost. The kids love using it to put their tiny toys on too. If that wasn't the shelving you were looking at then ignore my ramblings! LOL!
    And good luck with those twins of yours. My mom still reminds my twin sister and I about what a challenge it was having twins. :)

  3. Great post Julia! I just sent the link to my friend (who's preggers), and she got a great idea for her soon-to-be nursery.

  4. Thanks Brenda and that makes me happy to know that this inspired your friend.

  5. The sheep are my favorite I think.



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