Mother's day photos

my mom and the three grandkids

my younger sis and her daughter Gianna

I freaking love this shot of the boo - thanks to my sister Kim (and the two above this one were also taken by Kim)


  1. So sweet! I'm just in love with Simon. He's the cutest little thing. His hair is already long again!

  2. Those are great pics! The one of your sister and Gianna is really sweet. I love the one of Isabella! She looks intense--I can't tell whether or not I should be afraid.

  3. Hollie - the lil' stinker is getting a trim tomorrow morning. The back is really long and needs fixin'. I want to let it grow back how he had it before we did the big drastic cut.

    Collette - The one of Jen and Gianna is perfect for enlarging and framing - actually, that would make a good cottage gift... And Isabella freaks me out in that pic too with such an intense look. Kim told her not to smile.



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