Our home - the main floor

I have been meaning to take more recent photos of our home for ages now. I've only managed to photograph the bedrooms lately since I've recently redecorated them and now I thought it was time to take photos of the main floor. I am constantly moving furniture, adding new pieces and repainting and I find it so hard to keep up with photographing our home because it usually isn't clean or tidied up enough for picture taking. During Simon's nap today (Isabella was over at my parents' place), I made time and here are the resulting photographs:

I found a floor plan online (not shown on the floor plan is our finished basement which is the kids' play area/family room):

our front door and my fav Hunter boots

view looking into the house from just inside the front door. I love our hardwood floors but they need constant cleaning.
front hall table area
view to the back of the house

the dining room (the builder intended this to be the living room)

the teak buffet used to be my grandmother's. it's huge and one of my favourite pieces.

the only downfall of swapping the living room and dining room is that there is no fixture in the ceiling here for a chandelier...it's over in our living room...
first two photos on the left are of Isabella and the other two are of Simon. On top of the buffet is my sister's west german pottery collection that she 'lent' me.

i love antlers
peek into the living room
we bought the rocker and round side table for Simon's room but until his crib is retired, they've made their home in this corner. we need a coffee table BAD and a carpet that isn't so damn bright. I love this carpet though because it's so soft and shaggy.
a look from the living room couch into the adjacent kitchen and eating area
our kitchen - small but functional
the crazy small piece of wall that has way too many light switches, the doorbell thingy and the thermostat. i tried to make it even more busy by adding three framed postcards.


  1. you have a very lovely home! love your choice of wall color.

  2. boah...(we say in berlin) :o) what a wonderful home! great!

  3. Love your house!! Great Green Colored Walls!

  4. PS the breakfast area (or whatever you call it) by your kitchen is super cute.

  5. absolutely lovely!
    thanks for sharing.

  6. that green and wood.. and staircase?! amazing! who am i kidding, i have total house envy.

  7. Your blog is my dream blog, in other words it's the one I read as I dream about all the amazing things I will do once I own my own house and can afford to start renovating nad decorating to my hears content. Thankyou so much for sharing so many gorgeous interior ideas with me and the rest of the rest of blog land.

    And that's why you ae 1 of my 5 nominees for the Kreative Blogger Award, check it out here http://chubbybuddys.blogspot.com/2011/05/i-have-been-nominated-for-this-awesome.html

  8. everything about it is perfect! i love the staircase and the buffet in the dining room is to die for

  9. you guys are so sweet! and can I just say that the green on the walls is alot more subtle than how it turned out in these photos. it is SO hard to photograph properly.

    and thank you Sarah! I'm honoured!

  10. That green is wonderful. And I think my favorite is the view to the back of the house--you get a little piece of everything.

    And I've gotta say, girl, you don't know from small kitchens! I'd send you pictures of that but we know how long it'd take! I did finally take pictures of Gabe's room now I have to upload them! Baby steps!!!

  11. Gee thanks Angela! **me blushing**

    Pictures of Gabe's room!!! It's about bloody time! Another months or so and I might actually see the photos too! Okay - I'm done making fun.

  12. I think I'll be sad if you're done making fun. ;-)

  13. See other comment I left where I mention the photos I still have yet to see...I'll never be done!!!

  14. All fabulicious!!! Love all the areas and what you've done with the wall with light switches, storing that idea in my memory :-)

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