A few items to discuss

Pablo still hasn't heard whether the cluster of tumours that was discovered last week is cancerous or not. He's going to call around tomorrow to see if anyone has answers.

Simon took a tumble down the stairs today. It was horrible but thankfully he is okay and he only cried for about 10 seconds.

Simon has been sleeping in his big boy bed now since Saturday. He LOVES it and has done so well. He never gets out of his bed when I put him down to sleep and when he wakes up, he sits up and reads a book (while babbling) till I go in to see him. He amazes me. This weekend I'm going to get his crib out of his room and finally put his Eames rocker in there!

Isabella can't stop talking about her upcoming birthday.


I am honoured and thrilled to have our home featured on the blog Alice in Designland - check it out here.


  1. keeping you guys in my thoughts & crossing everything but my eyeballs that Pablo is a-ok. Poor Simon! My little one tumbled down our stairs once. Thank goodness she was more terrified than she was hurt. Nothing like a good scare, after all of the good scares you've had recently.

  2. best of thoughts for your family . . maybe this will be your chance to get a break!

    and congrats on the Alice in Designland post!! i ADORE the chartreuse walls in the living room. very awesome.

  3. Thanks Hollie! I was freaking out more than Simon was after the fall and a few minutes after it happened, he looked up at me with this look of 'Get over it mom. I'm FINE'. LOL!

    We for sure could use a break raena - anytime now would be nice! Glad you liked the house tour!

  4. Hi Julia, I saw your home on Alice in Designland. It looks great! I adore your pottery collection, and I adore the art over your sofa. I love all the colors. But I am especially in love with your bedroom. You've done a fabulous job. Lots of beautiful things to look at, lots of great colors, yet it's still simple and clean looking.

    P.S. Praying for Pablo.

  5. Thanks so much Peggy - for all your compliments on our home and for praying for Pablo.

  6. Oh man, I'm reading these in order so I hope Pablo has heard something really good by now.

    Gabe took a tumble one day down the stairs at the sitter's. We were standing outside her door and down he came. He laid there a minute then the sitter and his friend started clapping. He got up and took a bow. And then I took a breath. ;-)

    Congrats on the feature!!!!

  7. No news yet. Pablo kept forgetting to call. Annoying that they couldn't have called him at some point during the week. Typical.

    OMG Gabe cracks me up. He is so much like Isabella. Such a character.

    Thanks! :)

  8. The good news about no call is that if it was bad news, they'd be calling to cover their asses. At least if it's like it is here.

    I think he is like Isabella. Already a teenager. "Alright, alright, alright." "Yes, sir, ma'am." "Okay, okay, mama. Calm down." Sigh.

  9. Here they are not so worried about that sort of thing it seems. Although they were quick to rush Pablo to the hospital once they found the brain tumour. But that was probably the only quick thing that has happened in the last year.

    Isabella tells us to calm down all the time too!!! We are so screwed for their teenage years...



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