Got a party to plan!

Isabella's 5th birthday is July 2nd. We are planning her first themed party and she is inviting all the girls from her class. It took me awhile but I came up with the perfect theme: a supergirl party! I did lots of googling and came up with some cool ideas. I finished her invitations today - I made them myself (including the POW) and I'm quite pleased with the results:

Inspiration for the invites from ambrosia girl:

Here are some photos I found that helped inspire me....

the tortoise and the hare
the tortoise and the hare
birthday girl


My plans for the activities are cape decorating (that the girls can take home), supergirl bingo and water balloons (I just bought 1000 for $10...do you think that's too many!?!?!?). I'm dying to make a rainbow cake - not the layered one, but something easier like the marbled one above. Have any of you made a rainbow cake before?


  1. what a great theme, I'm sure it will be amazing! so lovely to see a girls party that's a bit different!

  2. Fantastic party theme! I love getting my superhero on, I wonder if I can get away with throwing an adult version...

  3. Thanks evie dear. I'll post photos of the party when it happens so you all can see the finished 'product'.

    Allison - those costumes are fantastic! You could totally get away with throwing an adult version!!!

  4. a supergirl party - how cool is that?!? fantastic idea. i love the little supergirl. her outfit is just amazing and the cake is a awesome rainbow sweety...

    it will be great. i hope you will show us more pics of the party.


  5. whoo hoo, party on!

    on a completely unrelated note, i was just wondering if you had a link to my blog somewhere on you blog? In my stats, I've gotten over 150 views from your page just today alone...?

  6. correction, 205 views today. and 418 this month! this is so weird, i can't figure it out haha

  7. Not Martha did the rainbow cake!

  8. dani - stay tuned for photos from the party

    renee - your in my blog roll...other than that, not sure where you got all the hits from. Lucky you!

    jennifer - that rainbow cake is amazing! thanks for the link!

  9. Fun! I love this theme. Everything looks so amazing!

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  10. Oh, I LOVE the invites!!! Love them.

    (Sorry I've been MIA--company of the in-law variety required a lot of attention then a lot of recovery time.)

    I've made Gabe and his friends capes. Maybe I have a picture of them...where have you heard that before? BUT, I did upload the room pictures finally!!!!

  11. Thanks a bunch Tanya!

    Collette - I was starting to get worried. It's been so long. A few more days and I was going to send you an email! In-laws, eh? - enough said. Thanks so much for sending me the long awaited photos!



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