Happy Canada Day!!!

I want to wish all you Canadians out there a fantastic and fun filled Canada Day. Hope y'all are out there partying and celebrating! We'll be spending the day preparing for Isabella's 5th birthday TOMORROW! Crazy to think my first-born is turning five (and officially finished her first year of school on Wednesday!). I love long weekends, even when they are crazy busy like this one.

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  1. Gabe used to have an O Canada shirt with the song on it. I'd sing the first line often and badly.

    I hope you had a great Canada Day!

  2. Thanks s-d!

    Collette - I don't sing. Ever. Too painful for those who have to hear it. LOL!

    It was a busy day filled with cleaning and party planning and cupcake making. To top it off, I woke up Friday morning with a massive migraine which lasted through into Isabella's birthday too. I tried 3 different types of meds (Zomig from my mom, 2 painkillers from Pablo's stash) and nothing worked. I ended up getting sick to my stomach last night - thankfully not during the party! Happy Independence Day to you tomorrow!

  3. Oh no! Migraines are the worst! Especially when you had so much stuff to do. I'm so sorry you felt bad. You're a trooper though!

    And thanks! I think we're going to see our little neighborhood parade tomorrow. Once we get Gabe back with the ransom!



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