Head update

Pablo had an appointment with his neurologist and he confirmed that THERE IS NO GROWTH IN PABLO'S BRAIN. His head/brain scans look fine. Phew!!!! Giant relief and one less thing to worry about right now.

His neurologist is sending him for bloodwork tomorrow morning to try to find an answer as to why he's been nauseous and vomiting, having fevers and just generally feeling like crap. This doc is on a mission to come up with some answers. AMEN.

Now we can definitely try to enjoy the rest of the summer.


  1. I'm glad to hear that Julia. I hope they find out what's nothing him soon so he can feel comfortable again. I'm sure that I speak for many of your readers out here. *hugs*

  2. can I say - bloody yay!!!!
    what a relief.
    fingers crossed this doc can get to the bottom of it. me thinks pablo deserves some good health for a change.
    hugz to you all.
    cheryl xox.

  3. Great news Julia and Pablo xx

  4. Happy for you. I didn't comment before. Not knowing what to say, not knowing you etc.
    But I'm really happy for you now. I hope everything's going to continue to be better and better and better...

  5. YAY!!! That's fabulous news! We'll take it. Keep it coming, doc!!!

  6. YAHOO!! Congratulations! It's about time the tide turned on the medical news.

  7. That's awesome!!!! And I hope they do figure out why he's been so sick!! Luck!

  8. Yay!!! Hope Pablo feels better soon and that the doctor finds the answer once and for all!


  9. Great news!! And it is great that Simon is talking more as well!! Enjoy your Summer now!! You deserve it people! :)


  10. Thank you all!!! Pablo was so relieved.

    As we speak he is at the hospital for his urology issue. Hopefully they can 'relieve' him quickly so he can get home. Sigh.

  11. whew! Great news! I have been making all these mental notes of things to tell you to make Pablo eat .... from these books I've been reading Eat to Live & the 150 Healthiest Foods on the Planet. I was determined to help out somehow :) I'm sure the nausea and vomiting got worse when he heard the news, stress will do a number on you and after hearing something like that I'd be sick to my stomach too. Really hoping the best for y'all and sending good vibes :)

  12. Thanks ladies.

    Stacy - Pablo is desperately in need of eating better and I tell him this all the time. Feel free to pass on some tips on what he should be eating and maybe I can get him to finally listen. LOL!



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