Have a lookie at the ridiculous temperature right now here in Ottawa (what's circled):

 And tomorrow is supposed to be EVEN WORSE:

UPDATE: I just checked and tomorrow's temperature has gone up!:

We have this thing called humidity here and it is wicked - hence why in the above photos there is a 'High' and a 'Feels Like'. Temperatures over 100 are pretty unbearable. Hard to breathe even. Going outside is like going into a sauna. I love summer and heat but this is ridiculous. Thank heavens our house is air conditioned although I'm REALLY not looking forward to my 50 minute bus ride to and from work tomorrow. BLEH.

Is it this hot anywhere else?!?!??!


  1. I'm in Michigan and our temps are similar right now. Just mowed the lawn and felt like I was BAKING in the sun. Insane heat!

  2. yikes! It's been a solid 105 here everyday for the last month straight.. lots of humidity and no rain. I'm so ready for fall. (And to move out of Texas.)

  3. Weird, I'm in Boston and it's SAME here! Hot, hot, hot!

  4. I'm in Arizona and it's a solid 115 outside right now... feels like 130 but the humidity isn't that bad!

    You can however literally cook an egg on the sidewalk. It's pretty entertaining to watch.

  5. Sheesh. It does sound hot everywhere.

    We haven't had much rain either and our front lawn is starting to get patches of burnt grass. I don't complain much in the summer because I love summer. I despise winter and Hollie we can swap - I'll GLADLY move to Texas if that means not having to deal with our cold and miserable winters.

    When I get home from work tomorrow, I might try to cook an egg on our driveway and snap some photos of it! LOL!

  6. It's that hot here too sister. This work I'm doing has me sitting in our office which is on the west side of the building. Afternoon heat! You betcha! And, the 15 year old air conditioner pretty much died Monday. So, yesterday, after I dropped Gabe off and went into the office, I picked up a new air conditioner and paid our building engineer to install it. I can't even imagine what it would be like in here now without it! Sizzling!!!

    I can't wait to see the egg. Hysterical!!!

  7. and here... it`s just raining & raining & raining...

  8. I agree with Hollie. Texas is HOT too. No end in sight. Dallas sucks in the summer.

  9. Isn't heat normal for Texas? We get pretty warm days in the summer but this 117 degree stuff is not normal for us. We're not used to stifling, unbearable heat like that.

  10. And we sure as heck could use a whole bunch of rain!!!!!!!!!!! That might help cool things off a bit.



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