My boy can count!!!

I am so freaking excited. The other night, I told Simon we were going to count. I said 'one' and Simon said two through nine with no coaching!!! I didn't know he knew how to count to ten (or nine rather). He's mumbled what sounded like 'two' and 'three' before but I had never heard him say all the other numbers and then to even spit them all out IN ORDER!!! He did it for Pablo and my mom too so I know I'm not losing my mind.

I couldn't be happier - my boy is starting to speak AND he's a little smarty pants to boot!!!


  1. I TOLD YOU SO!!!!! (Oh, how I love saying that.) It was just a matter of time. I love, LOVE that he's counting! Yay, Simon!!!!

  2. I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you can say it all you want. LOL! His talking/counting is like freaking Christmas. BEST GIFT EVER!!! Can you tell I'm so happy and excited?!?!?!??! :)



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