Update and random photo

It's been a crazy week around here - Pablo has been really sick all week (mainly lots of vomiting) and I have the flu pretty bad too (bad cough and cold). The kids are great though and Simon's speech has been improving daily it seems. I couldn't be happier about that.

Pablo hasn't heard anything about the head scans and he spoke with our family doctor yesterday and she is concerned about everything. She is going to make sure that he has appointments soon with his neurosurgeon, neurologist and oncologist.

Apart from the head issues, Pablo has urology issues which I've mentioned many times before. He had an appointment Friday with his urologist and his first surgery is scheduled for July 27th. This is part 1. The second surgery (part 2) will take place 3 months after the first surgery.

Not sure how the head scan results will affect the urology surgeries...

We just finished cleaning out our messy garage and I'm doing laundry. I need a nap and my head hurts from all the coughing.


  1. All this shit PLUS summer flu? How did you get so lucky???? I'm really sorry sweetie. I hope you get some rest this weekend.

    Thank goodness for sweet kids, huh?

  2. Love you momma, been praying & thinking of you guys. Hope the 27th gets here fast!

  3. Who in the hell gets a summer flu anyway?!?!?! - yeah, just me. I was going to get some rest Sunday night and then Simon started barfing and that went on till 10:30pm and then I didn't sleep all night because of paranoia that he would get sick some more. He didn't and next thing I knew, it was 5am and time to get up for work.

    Thanks for the love Stacy!

  4. 5 a.m. Yikes. I mean, YIKES!!!!

  5. Easier to get up that early in the summer than in the winter. And at least that means I am home by 4:30 so I get a decent amount of family time every day. Necessary for the sanity.



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