It's a really shitty day so I'll make this quick (and I'm at work).

Pablo had an MRI last night and he was told that there is definitely something growing in the same spot as his last tumour. An appointment will be made with his neurosurgeon to find out what to do about it. Another MRI is required. Not sure why. Pablo can't stop vomiting since he got home from the MRI in the wee hours of the morning and he said our house smells like vomit. My mom went to pick up the kids so that Pablo can get some rest.

We are really scared at the thought of another brain surgery and the damage that it could do.

This effin' sucks.


  1. I am so sorry to hear that. All the best for your little family <3

  2. Oh, no, no, no, NO!

    I'm sorry sweetie. Hugs and love.

  3. I feel so awful for you guys. Sending you lots of positive thoughts.

  4. :( sending hugs and good thoughts!

  5. Heavy sigh.
    It's too much.
    Your poor little family - so much to deal with in the last couple of years.
    Thank goodness you love one another.
    Finger crossed for it just being a fly walking across the xray machine.
    Hang in there.

  6. I'm sorry to hear that, it sucks.

  7. That does effin' suck... Praying for you guys...

  8. Oh Julia, . Well I let my cursor sit there for a good 3 or 4 minutes and i have no words. I do have hugs though and lots of prayers which I will start again for you & your family. Hoping for good news soon

  9. I am so sorry to hear about this! Praying for Pablo and your family!

  10. So sorry to hear this. Sending you positive thoughts and praying for favorable results and news.

  11. You guys are so sweet! You have no idea how much your comments brighten my spirits (and Pablo's too). What would we do without you all!?!?!? As always, I will keep you posted throughout all this...

  12. :(
    Thinking of you guys and hoping for the best.
    Keep posting the thoughts, it might not work for every one, but I felt it real helpful just to spill it when I went through it. So if you need to, don't be afraid to keep saying it: this sucks!

    Sending all the love&thoughts your way, I know some of the feelings you're going through at this point.

  13. Thanks Kajsa. I do find it helpful to post our frustrations and I love reading everyone's comments. Very therapeutic. I'm sorry you had to go through something similar because IT DOES SUCK!!! :) Trying to stay positive...



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