Will an egg cook on the ground when it's 117 degrees outside?

Nope. We just tried and here are the step by step photo results:


a couple seconds post cracking

a couple minutes gone by

No whiteness of the egg white at all. So terribly disappointing. All it did really was attract some wasps so then I ran inside. Boo.

And to confirm our ridiculous temperature here in Ottawa right now, a snippet from the weather network (forget about the 97 degrees, check out what's circled in blue):

It's days like today that I wish the weather network would have been wrong at predicting the weather...


  1. hahahaha!!! it was so terribly hot here in minnesota the last two days that someone tried baking chocolate chip cookies on her car's dashboard. i don't think they were completely cooked through but they looked good enough to eat.

  2. Well, that sucks. I was hoping it would work! Perhaps in solidarity this morning, I dropped an egg on the kitchen floor. Right after I burned bacon. Good morning!!!

  3. Too funny! My dad did this for us when we were kids. (also did not work)

  4. I heard about the chocolate cookies on the dash!

    Awww poor Collette!

    We came close to trying the egg on the hood of our car since it's black but I like our car too much to have done it.

  5. oh my gosh...my son and I were going to do the same thing this week. It's so stinkin hot here we thought it would cook right up. Bummer! xo

  6. Maybe you'd have better luck Brooke trying it on the hood of a car since I think it's hotter than pavement. Just get the hose ready though...



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