Another year older

It's my birthday today. It's my twin sister Kim's birthday today too. Happy birthday Kim! We are 36 today. That much closer to 40. BLEH! We had a really nice birthday dinner at my parents' over the weekend to celebrate 3 birthdays: mine, Kim's and my younger sister Jen's (she turned 30 exactly 2 weeks ago). Perfect photo op time and here are the results:

us four

again us four

Simon would not let go of that pez

me and the kiddos

the boy and i

can't remember what Simon's doing here...

love this one of Pablo and the boo

love the boy's smile (and he would only sit still if we let him use the umbrella)
Simon concentrating real hard on stacking blocks

this is SO Simon - again concentrating on working the remote control car

yeah - i bugged her

Simon and his cousin Gia

Isabella and Gia

adorable Gia

love the face

Simon wrestling with uncle Dave

Simon mastering the art of the iPhone with uncle Jeff
my sister Jen, her hubby Dave and the baby
Kim - with whom I've now shared 36 birthdays


  1. Happy Birthday!! Have a wonderful day! xox

  2. Happy Birthday Julia! Happy Birthday Kim!

    And while the number may suck, it really does keep getting better.

    (When Gabe saw these pictures, he said, "Those are my kids." Um, WHAT???)

  3. Happy birthday to you and Kim! Had I known I would've planned to take you out for lunch :-) I myself have an upcoming big birthday in october...eeek!

  4. Happy birthday Julia!! Lots of love, peace, harmony, prosperity, happiness. That you always have that great light coming from up there lighting your life and your way.

  5. Thanks so much Kelly, Kim, Morgan and Hollie!

    Angélica - that was beautiful! Thank you!

    Collette - thanks for making me feel better and OMG what Gabe said made me laugh so hard. I can't wait to meet that kid of yours one day.

    Sabrina - thanks buddy! The big 3-0 is it?!?!?!?!]

  6. ah - i missed this!!!
    happy belated b'day.
    love all the pics.
    absolutely gorgeous family shots.
    hope the weekend ahead is great!!!
    cheryl xox.

  7. He's a freaking nut ball. I've taught him to answer "goofball" when I say "What are you?" He's starting to say stuff back to us in exactly our same tones and intonations. To me, he said, "Bring that back, RIGHT NOW. Do you understand???" To Joe he says, "I said NO." thrusting his hands on his hips on No. It's pretty funny.

  8. Thanks cheryl! It was a nice relaxing weekend for a change. LOL!

    Nut ball indeed. Just like this 5 year old girl I know... ;)



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