The kids and I went to visit Pablo at the hospital for dinner tonight (Pablo couldn't eat since they didn't know when they would do surgery). Just when we sat down to eat, Pablo got a call that they were ready to take him into surgery so a quick goodbye and off he went.

I'll post again once he's out of surgery and I get an update.

UPDATE (Sunday am):

Pablo called last night once he got to recovery and called again this morning. Instead of this being a 2 part surgery (part 2 was supposed to happen 3 months after part 1), it is now a 3 part surgery. All the surgeon did during yesterday's surgery was remove all the scar tissue down the urethra. Supposedly the large amount of scar tissue is why this is now a 3 part surgery. We'll find out this morning when part 2 surgery will happen - which is the skin graft. If part 2 takes too long to happen then the scar tissue will just grow back so I'm hoping it's real soon.

Pablo thinks he will be coming home sometime today. So one surgery down, two more to go.

UPDATE (Sunday pm):

The kids and I went to pick up Pablo mid-morning and he's doing quite well considering what he had done. He was told that the next surgery will probably be in 1-2 weeks. Hopefully in the next couple of days we'll have a date.


  1. ooooo Julia - this is such good news.
    hoping things go well.
    sending loads of healing vibes from down here.
    cheryl xox.

  2. Sending thoughts & Prayers from Australia :)

  3. 3rd lot of prayers from Oz, hope it all runs as smoothly as possible and Pablo starts healing with rapid recovery.

  4. ok - fourth lot.
    So glad Pablo is moving forward.
    That man must have the patience of Job
    (and yes, Mrs Job).

  5. I'm glad the surgery went well and super glad he's coming home xx

  6. I'm glad it went well. Yay for that at least!

  7. This surgery was a piece of cake compared to what's to come. Pablo's doing really well. We didn't hear from the hospital today as to the date of surgery #2. Darnit. I'd like some advanced notice this time.

    Thanks so much you guys for your thoughts and prayers. We'll be needing more of those soon!



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