My new look

Look what I did yesterday. I was so overdue for a cut and colour. I have alot of hair. ALOT. The amount of hair on the floor after the cut was done was ridiculous. My head feels so much lighter and I love the lighter colour too.

Next - new glasses because I'm 3 years overdue for that.


  1. Nice! And yes, lighter glasses will suit the lighter hair much better. You are a much braver woman than I!

  2. I tried to go light once and just looked wrong, you're a lucky girl to be able to go light or dark. I think it looks beautiful.

  3. Ha! Must be something in the air - I'm going blonde this month too!
    This blonde is a beautiful colour!!
    You look great!!

    I'm taking the plunge this year too and getting
    my eyes lasered.

  4. I just tried to go blonde.. on my own, at home, an hour before I had to be somewhere. I'll admit, it wasn't my brightest idea. :]

  5. Julia! It looks great! I actually went back to a more natural color last week...first time in years! We're overdue for coffee or lunch! I should come in some time...

  6. Glad you all approve! Thanks!!!

    Letitia - way to go to both the hair and eyes. I'm too chicken to look into eye lasering.

    Hollie - you crazy girl!!! Blonde if not easy to do at home at all!

    Sabrina - Thanks girlfriend! You'll have to come in soon for sure so I can see your new hair and that adorable son of yours. I miss squishing him. LOL!

  7. whoa! hot mama coming through. you look awesome julia! really. There is this really gorgeously posh lady in my yoga class with a similar haircut. I'm pretty sure I tell her how much I love it every week .. would you be so kind to tell me what this cut is called? so I could ask for it in a longer version for myself :) Thanks dear

  8. You've got me blushing Stacy. Thank you! Unfortunately, I have no idea what this cut is called. My hairdresser just does whatever she wants so we never discuss it really. I just tell her to cut alot off because I hate any real length to my hair.

  9. You look pretty hot. Just saying. ;-)

  10. ***More blushing*** - you're so sweet! Thank you!



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