Buy my stuff!!!

We had a garage sale over at my parents' house a while back and it sucked real bad. I sold Isabella's bike and a wooden table. That was it. Terrible. Our fault for the lack of advertising. We are having another one this Saturday at my parents' house out in Cumberland (starting at 8am) so come on out and buy our stuff!!!

My sister did a post about some of the stuff for sale over on her blog here. My dad also put up an ad with details here. I'm going to cart over some giant rubbermaid bins of the kids' old clothes that are all practically brand new to sell too (my kids grow like weeds so we go through clothes like crazy).

There will be some awesome deals and some pretty cool stuff for sale so please come and bring money! LOL!

(Someone smashed into the front end of our car while it was parked in a public parking garage recently - and no note was left. It's going to cost a small fortune for the repairs so the more money we can make Saturday, the better!)


  1. I'm a teensy little bit too far but thanks for the invite. ;-)

    Sucks about the car. Bastards.

  2. I hope you have a successful sale! Wish I was in Canada. :]

  3. It would have made my day if you both could have been there.

    Bastards is right Collette!



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