First day of school!

Today was Isabella's first day of senior kindergarten and she couldn't have been more hyper and excited. I had to have a few cups of coffee this morning just to keep up with her. She goes to school in the afternoon's this year (last year, school was in the morning). Pablo is looking forward to Isabella being in school in the afternoon's because that is when Simon naps so he'll be able to nap too.

Here are some photos I took as we headed out the door and took Isabella down the street to catch the bus:

leaving the house

walking down the street

waiting at the bus stop

Simon was in an extra good mood...

my big girl starting her second year of school

she just loves school - awesome!

showing off her backpack

she asked me to take a photo of her new Roots backpack

getting on the bus

she doesn't look too happy but I'm sure as soon as the bus drove off, she was back to her happy self. I did not cry for a change.


  1. Oh my gosh, that picture of her on the school bus makes me want to cry! It's so sweet.

  2. thanks for the last pic, I thought she had a permanent grin!

  3. Isabella was kinda grumpy when she got home from school - she said it wasn't as fun as she thought it would be. LOL!

  4. That headband is so super cute on her. And that coat is adorable. I want one just like it! (And I need a new coat too--losing weight means my old one doesn't fit. Too bad I'm not so wild about shopping!)

  5. how exciting... i wish her all the best!

  6. Awww she looks so grown up. Well done for not crying :)

  7. Collette - way to go on losing weight! You'll have to send me some updated photos of your hot mama self!

    Thanks y'all!

  8. Aww she looks so nervous on the bus! I hope she was ok!

  9. She was okay thankfully. There was only one girl in her class this year who was in her class last year and it happens to be her best friend. YAY!

  10. It is hard when they first go to school but she will get use to it. My little girl started this year (in Australia we start the year in end of Jan early Feb and she will finish the year in December. The year has seen her have a few 'moments' but mostly she has loved being there. I hope she is doing okay and meets loads of new friends.

  11. Being her second year, Isabella's pretty used to it...the first day is always rough. That's a crazy school year! I was going to say no summer months off but July/Aug is winter in Australia, right?



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