Four poster beds for kids


  1. Gorgeous pictures! I think I'd happily have most of those rooms for myself! x

  2. oh, this post has my mind wandering! As a kid, I always wanted a canopy bed. E has been telling me lately that she doesn't like her bed (we're having trouble with her coming into our bed at nite) because it's too small, so I'm thinking about getting her something a little bigger.

  3. Crystal - I totally agree!

    Hollie - Isabella used to come into our bed at night too so we had a single foam mattress next to our bed on the floor that we would set up at nighttime. When she would come into our room in the night, we would make her go on that mattress. Saved us from having another body in our bed and we didn't have to get up and bring her back to her room (which I found exhausting). She has a double bed and that definitely helped too.

    Maybe try a bigger mattress and put it on the floor? - it might help her feel 'safer' if it's on the floor...

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