He gets his point across

I was getting dinner ready tonight and all of a sudden the sky got really dark and it started to thunderstorm.

Simon yells, "MA! BIG RAIN! BIG RAIN!"

Laughing I said, "It's a thunderstorm, buddy" to which Simon responded, "Yeah, BIG RAIN!"

It sure is big rain, buddy.

(Side note: we FINALLY got a call from the children's hospital today. Simon has an appointment to have tests done at the end of the month for his speech. We waited 10 months to get this freaking appointment...)


  1. :-) that made me smile..beautfiul child.
    it's been a while since i stopped by, i hope you're all keeping well lovely lady. xx

  2. He is the most precious, beautiful boy in all the world. He keeps me smiling every day. And it sure has been awhile! We are all doing well and I hope you are too, my dear!

  3. i'm good thanks Julia, well..as good as i can be;) just so busy..time flies. and glad to hear you guys are all doing well xx

  4. Having the appointment is nice though. (See? Pollyanna's back.)

  5. I'm definitely looking forward to the app't. Welcome back Polyanna! LOL!



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