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Hi all! I've been a bit MIA the last few days - I managed to get Thursday and Friday off work so the four of us went to my sister's cottage from Wednesday night to Friday night. Now that we're back home, I'm trying to get the house cleaned and get everything ready for Isabella to start school on Tuesday!!! She's been counting down the days and she couldn't be more excited. I'll post pics from the cottage either today or tomorrow so stay tuned!


  1. I've been MIA too! MIL was here until the 31st. Gabe's birthday was Sunday the 4th so we had cake and Grandma's presents on the 29th, friends/family presents on the 3rd and we went to another friend's house up in Michigan for the 4th. Joe worked all day yesterday (yes, you are correct, it was a holiday here--but I'm not bitter) then he's leaving for 2 days for NY on Thursday. I need a nap just talking about it!

    But I'm taking a sewing class (serger class) for the next 2 Wednesdays. (Go ahead, you can make fun of me--all my other friends do too!) So woohoo for me!

  2. I MISSED GABE'S BDAY!?!?!?!? Where the heck was my invite to the party!?!?! Kidding... please give him a big smooch and wish him a happy BELATED bday from all of us.

    You guys are just nuts. I'm tired just reading all that you had going on. CRAZY.

    I spent the holiday labelling all Isabella's clothes/shoes that she'll be wearing to school. Good times.

    SEWING CLASS!?!?!? That's fantastic! I can't even sew a goddamn button so kudos to you - can't make fun of you for that! :)

  3. We didn't really have a party--at least not at our house! That's the best kind. My friend bought the cake, made dinner, cleaned up. We just showed up with party hats and balloons and leis! (I know, it's odd but they were so cute I couldn't resist and we have some funny pictures with everyone in party hats and leis.)

    Sewing class was actually great. Now I can use my serger without cursing! And I can't sew on buttons either--I'm not a fan of hand sewing, thus the class for the serger. Anything that lessens my time hand sewing is A-Okay with me.

  4. That was so nice of your friend to do that! Even though I don't sew, I've always wanted to make clothes for the kids...

  5. My friend is definitely a sweet potato.

    Kid's clothes are great because they're small and they grow out of them fast so if you mess them up (what, me? no way), they'll be gone soon enough!



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