Our haunted house

I went grocery shopping at Sobey's with the kids on the weekend and we saw this haunted house gingerbread making kit. Had to have it (it was $8.99 I think) and then we put it together last night:

Sunday night we went to my aunt and uncle's for Thanksgiving dinner. It was DELICIOUS. No thanksgiving at my parents' place because they are on a 3 week vacation in Greece. We had such a good time and I didn't take any photos besides this one because I couldn't pass up capturing this moment on film:

Simon imitating his uncle Jeff (who he calls Dave - his other uncle's name - he refers to them both as Dave...)


  1. Omg! I want one!! It always upsets me that we don't really celebrate Halloween here in Australia :( but it probably saves on dental bills :P

  2. Oh my! That looks amazing! I didn't know they had Halloween gingerbread houses, that's so fun!

  3. Australia doesn't really celebrate Halloween!?!?!? Now that's just plain weird and unfortunate...

    Thanks Val! I didn't know they sold them either. I'm so happy I found this one.

    Thanks Crystal!

  4. Super cute house! Gabe would love it--all that black. Did I tell you that the black on his watercolors is almost gone--way before the rest of the colors? Storms, dontcha know.

    I love that picture of Simon and Uncle Jeff, um, I mean Uncle Dave-Jeff.

  5. I should probably be worried that he keeps painting in black! I keep telling myself it's just his urban boy thing coming out. ;-)

  6. I've been on a black and skulls kick when it comes to dressing both kids. Love the urban vibe. :) Embrace it! LOL!



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