Halloween 2011

What a fun night we had. We went to my little sister's house to trick or treat since it was my niece's first birthday and my parents were going over there too to wish Gia a happy birthday.

The kids had a blast. All the adults had a blast watching the kids have a blast.

The weather was really mild which was fantastic. The kids didn't need hats or mitts. No dripping noses except for Gia who had a cold.

Isabella raced from house to house and Simon tried so hard to keep up. Simon said 'trick or treat' and 'happy halloween' at every house (Isabella did too of course but Simon surprised me).

The kids collected ALOT of candy and they can't wait to do it all over again next year.

Simon, Isabella and cousin Gia (all costumes from Old Navy)

my sister Jen and the kiddos

My BIL Dave, Jen, Pablo, me, and the kids

my parents and the kiddos

me, Simon, and Pablo

Simon resting even before the trick or treating started

doing their thing

Simon needed help with the steps at most houses

Gia and her dad Dave

this house was a couple houses down from my sister's. very cool.

loved this unique pumpkin


  1. sweet pictures! I like the pumpkin w/the one carved in it! Clever idea. :]

  2. How great! Everyone looks like they're having so much fun!

  3. So adorable. I remember hanging out with my cousins as a kid. Those were always the best times.

  4. Hollie - my sister and BIL are going to do that every year for Gia and sit her next to it and get a picture to document her Halloween birthday.

    Collette - you should have stopped by. LOL!

    Jen - these three are going to be really good friends and I can't wait to see their friendship grow as they get older.



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