Her first tooth lost!

Isabella has had two loose teeth for a couple weeks now and on Sunday, we noticed the loosest was discoloured (grayish). Pablo grabbed it and one teeny tiny pull and out it came! And here is the tooth and the toothless grin:

The tooth fairy came and left her 'bills'! She was so thrilled.


  1. i was wondering what the going rate for the tooth fairy was these days. "bills" hahaha!

  2. We weren't sure what the going rate was either so we figured you can never go wrong with bills (we gave her two five's).

  3. I can't believe I missed this! I love me some toothless grins!

  4. You missed two freaking teeth! That will teach you not to be gone so long... I kid! I kid! That just means you have lots of reading and commenting to do upon your return to blogland. And then I can feel better that you haven't disappeared forever.



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