the boo, the boy, and santa

Simon was not happy while we waited in line to have this photo taken so right when we put him on Santa's lap, we kept telling him not to smile and the reverse psychology worked!

Update on these two: Isabella no longer cries during soccer and she is showing some definite talent! They had a skills competition the other night and she came in 3rd! She also thinks all her teeth are loose and are going to fall out any day now...  Simon's weekly in home visits with Donna (for his speech) continue to go really well. She is constantly amazed at how meticulous and methodical Simon is and he is showing improvement every week.

I have a Pablo update that I have to write, hopefully today when I have some free time...


  1. thats such a wonderful pic.. the excitement on those little faces brought a smile to my face. i hope you all have a wonderful time over the festive season. love, peace and best wishes... xx

  2. Our squeeky gorgeous they look, lovely pic!

  3. Thanks for stopping by GW! All the best to you and have a wonderful holiday season.

    Thanks Roberta!

  4. Well, except for the sad fact that you're not going to show up on those photo blogs devoted to scary sitting-on-Santa's-lap pictures, this one is great! I'm kind of stunned by how happy they both look at the same time! Pretty wonderful.

  5. I was thrilled it turned out so nice cause you just never know with kids...or random people trying to take a photo of them.


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