fashion friday

to spice things up around here, i thought i'd try something different. fashion fridays. it all started a few weeks ago when i got a pinterest account and my sister's started a fashion blog - closet rivalry. i started perusing fashion blogs (closet rivalry is my fav of course) and pinning photos of achievable looks. now if only i lived in a city that had decent clothing stores. we don't even have an H&M!!!!!!!!!!!

here are some of my favourite outfits from my fashion board on pinterest (from blogs such as scent of obsession, et pourquoi pas coline, sincerely jules, rebel attitude, the blonde salad and atlantic-pacific):


  1. Welcome to the Pinterest world! It's an addiction, you will see...

  2. Julia, you have made me feel like going shopping!

  3. I want that leather coat so badly I momentarily contemplated buying it from France! You're an evil woman, Miss Julia!!!

  4. I should never have gotten a pinterest account. I am slightly addicted and have pinned over 2000 photos in just a few weeks. AND I should never have started looking at fashion blogs. All it does is make me want to shop. And Collette - that leather jacket is PERFECT and you should totally buy it! LOL!



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