Qu'est-ce que f*ck - part...i've lost count....

You know, we were really hoping that this year would be calmer, with less medical issues and BOY, OH BOY, we couldn't have been more wrong.

Not too long ago, I blogged that Pablo's pilonidal cyst that he had 3 years ago has returned with a vengeance. It is driving him crazy. We thought he was going to have surgery before Christmas to remove it but that didn't happen. Surgery is this coming week.

Here's where the 'qu'est-ce que f*ck' comes in...

A couple weeks ago, Pablo noticed another lump. A bit further south from the cyst. Coincidentally, Pablo had an appointment last week with his urologist and he checked out the lump. He was concerned and told Pablo to call the surgeon doing the cyst surgery and get him to look at it before the surgery. Pablo got an appointment and went to see the surgeon. He concluded that this lump had to be removed right away and he would add an extra 45 minutes onto the scheduled surgery time to remove this lump.

The concern is that this could be colon cancer.

They will test the lump once it is removed and we'll go from there.

This will make recovery from surgery that much more difficult since two surgeries are happening at the same time. Bad enough that the spot where the pilonidal cyst is needs to heal from the inside out so Pablo will have a whole in his lower back for quite a few weeks (which will need daily repacking with gauze...we went through this 3 years ago).

Pablo calculated that this will be 16 surgeries in 6 years. Pablo is only 34 years old.

Pablo is looking forward to one day getting back into shape and working out again - it's been so long since he's been healthy enough to do so. If you're looking to improve your health and well-being, these personal trainers in Singapore are well skilled to help you get there.


  1. OMG, you never seem to get a break. I feel so sorry for what your family has to go through, but from what I can read from your posts, you are a very strong family and you will get through this together. All the best for you and I hope Pablo gets better soon and that his operation goes well!

  2. claim that he will be healed and the Lord will be with you :) i'll pray for your husband tonight Julia and your family. stay positive! God bless :)

  3. :( That news is so sad..i will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers, and pray that the surgery goes smooth and is successful (that the other lump is mearly a lump..) And that Pablo is filled with peace for this stressful time. God Bless xoxo :)

  4. My heart goes out to you and your family Julia. You are in our prayers here in Sydney. God Bless, and stay strong. Xx

  5. Dear Julia,
    I had being reading your blog for a while now and I though this was a good day to tell you how much I enjoyed it!! You have a beautiful family and I wish your husband all the best.
    We will be praying for his recovery

  6. I'm really sorry to hear you guys are going through more heartache, I will say prayers that it isn't cancer and your husband's recovery won't be too difficult xxx

  7. You guys are so sweet. Thank you very much for all your prayers. If only we could catch a break...


    Okay, I've decided that this is it. They're going to take it out--it WON'T be cancer--he'll recover easily and that will be THAT.

    Oh, big hugs sweetie. Crazy news. I'm sending lots of love and healing thoughts your way.

  9. Julia...
    Hi. I Susanna from paperoranges blog.
    My husband JUST had this done a week ago last Thursday....Like 12-16 staples that only I can see the top 4 of. We thought this would be a no brainer but it's been a much bigger deal. The whole area is now red and a bit oozie..but not infected...He needs to wait until Friday to see if they need to drain the area. The cyst was the size of a golf ball! I will read your other posts about it. I hope your husband recovers quick! Sending healing thoughts...
    Best to you, Susanna

  10. This sucks so much Julia. I hope the surgery goes well and that Pablo recovers nice and quickly xx

  11. Julia I've been a fan of your blog for a while now, and have kept up with your story. thoughts and prayers for you and your family, and many, many wishes for a recovery that is as quick as possible.

  12. Hi Susanna! Your husband's cyst sounds about as lovely as my husband's! LOL! Thanks for the healing thoughts and I hope your husband is healing well! All the best to you.

    Tamsyn - Thanks! We are hoping for a quick recovery so we can move onto the next medical issue. It's never ending.

    Original Beans - thanks so much!!!



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