surgery #26473838474

Pablo had surgery yesterday. This was a two for one surgery. He had his pilonidal cyst removed and another cyst/lump removed. The surgery went off without a hitch. Thankfully his heart didn't stop like it did during his hernia surgery a few months ago. Pablo needs to see the surgeon in about 2-3 weeks and maybe we'll have more info about what the second lump was (hints that it could be colon cancer related).

Pablo is sore and didn't sleep at all last night. A nurse is here right now to repack the hole where the pilonidal cyst was. We went through this 3 years ago when he had the same cyst surgery. It's not pleasant so my job is to keep the kids in another room.

It's going to be a real quiet weekend around here while Pablo tries to heal, the weather is too freaking cold to go outdoors and we are still attempting to get Simon potty trained...


  1. Hi. I am often popping into your blog but have never before left a message (shame on me!). Firstly to say thank you so much for all the wonderful inspiration you give us all, my children's room is a wonderful, sunny, smiley room thanks to you! And secondly to say I am so sorry to hear the trauma your family have been through yesterday and today and I'm thinking of you. A hug from Sweden. Niki

  2. Hi julia, good new, he made it through the surgery, i am sending some love your way, you ate going to need lots of love over the next few weeks to get through his initial recovery from surgery. lOVE and a BIG HUG!

  3. Sending good wishes, prayers and a big hug your way! Take care - maks :-)

  4. Also sending you big hugs - to you all.
    Hoping that in the coming weeks you not only hear great news that the surgery is a HUGE success, but that you all regain health & happiness. Was really hoping 2012 was going to be a better year for you - but maybe January just forgot - and then the rest of the year will be great ??

  5. Niki - I never comment on others' blogs so don't feel bad! I'm so glad you've been inspired by my posts! (Do you have a link to your kids' room(s)?). Thanks for thinking of us and for taking the time to comment. And thanks for the hug!

    Roberta - thank you for the big hug. It's been a rough few days for Pablo but this the guy that has been through brain surgery so it's like a walk in the park (not really. LOL!).

    Maks - I'm just loving all these virtual hugs from all my fav ladies out in blogland. Thanks so much!

    Linda - thanks and hugs back! I knew once the surgery didn't happen in December that 2012 wouldn't go as smoothly as we would have liked. Next is video bladder testing in March and then possible surgery after that. Yes another one...and that would make it surgery #26473838475! LOL!

    To sum up, Pablo is in quite a bit of pain, mainly from the golfball size hole he has on his lower back. The other lump that was removed doesn't seem to be quite as painful as the cyst but it sure as heck is not easy having two surgeries in one.

  6. Hi Julia - all my fave little children's bedroom's are here: http://www.myscandinavianhome.blogspot.com/search/label/Children%27s%20bedrooms you'll see I've credited you for some of them the lovely pics!



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