Bryan's nursery

Check out this super cute nursery that Jess of The Eagle's Nest put together for her son Bryan.

Bryan's room is the one room in our house that is "done".  I guess it helps to have a deadline! The room started as a rather uninspired guest room and my goal was to create a stylish, gender neutral nursery out of the room on a tight budget, sourcing from IKEA, Walmart, Etsy, local thrift shops etc. and working with the existing drapery, paint color, and artwork. I also wanted the room to be personal.  I collect owls so you can see the theme running through the room. Additionally, 2011 is the year of the Rabbit so we had our closest friends and family create a selection of rabbit themed canvases that I mounted together over the changing table.  Dad did the other "monkeys on machines" artwork that complete the gallery wall.

A couple before photos:

And now I present, the super cute after photos:


  1. that chair is awesome. where is it from? the kid's pretty cute too!!!

  2. Wow--and without painting the walls. You really made that room warm and inviting. And what a sweet sleeping baby! Love that little mouth.

  3. Those are some super delicious looking cheeks!



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