colourful looks


  1. Oh, in my head, I wear things like that bright pink sweater with the blue scarf. I also wear lots of beautiful jewelry. Sigh. Someday. When I grow up.

    In real life, I wear little silver hoop earrings, my wedding ring, one other ring and my watch. If I leave the house with a bracelet, it's a good day.

  2. Sooooo excited for spring dressing! Its going to snow all weekend where I am. (SLC, Utah)

  3. Collette - In my head I am able to match different colours and patterns and do it well. I'm chicken of doing it for real. The majority of my wardrobe consists of black and grey. Very little colour. I gotta work on that. I also need to go jewelry shopping at F21. Can't beat their prices.

    Kim - we're still winter dressing here and at least for another couple months. Typical LOOOOOOOOOOONG Canadian winter. Hate it. I need new spring/summer clothes so the longer it takes to come, the better so I can save up some money! LOL!

    lilibulle - thanks!

  4. I tried going into Forever 21 once and my head almost exploded! Too much stuff in there for my tiny little brain. ;-)

  5. The one that opened up here recently is usually filled with girls half my age but the prices make it worth picking through to find the good stuff that isn't too teenish.

  6. LOVE them all!!! Especially the hot pink sweater and blue scarf!



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