I got noticed! Out in public! For this blog!

Pablo, the kids and I were standing in line waiting to pay for some stuff at Winners. There was a girl in line in front of us who turned around and said that she loved my blog and had just read it earlier that day. Holy crap. This was the first time I had ever been noticed by a stranger for this blog. How cool!

Turns out that this girl, Isobel Walker, is a very talented jewelry designer. She started designing jewelry back in 2003 and the brand 'FRASH' was started. I just had to check out her site and I immediately started drooling all over my laptop. Here is just a small sample of some of her pieces:


  1. COOL! I've been an admirer of her jewelry since I heard about it on Justyna's blog.

  2. nice stuff! i'm loving the one with copper balls.

  3. WHAT!!!! Imagine my surprise when I see this... I am blushing.. then it gets even better that the other blog I follow Desire to Inspire comments!!! My heart almost jumped out of my chest!!!

    We need to talk I see some give-aways in our futures!!!


  4. Isobel - after meeting you at Winners, I had to call up my twin sister (Kim) and tell her about you recognizing me. I told her about you and your company and she told me she had heard about your jewelry. ANYWAY, I was amazed with your amazing website and even more amazed at how beautiful your jewelry is. I love all of it - it's right up my alley! Do keep in touch. Giveaways sound fun! :)

  5. You're FAMOUS!!!! (Jen said "copper balls." Heh heh.)

  6. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! copper balls...

    you crack me up. :)



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