modern nursery/toddler furniture

having a hard time finding the perfect modern nursery furniture? well, search no longer. Nurseryworks and Oeuf have got to be the top brands for modern nursery and toddler furniture. their products are so gorgeous and modern. My Urban Child has a great selection of both of these brands. here are some of my favourites:


  1. Moi aussi! C'est tres unique et un piece d'art tout seul. Sorry....my French sucks.

  2. Amazing kids lobby! I just loved it. Especially the third one is neat and cute!

  3. I just love the tree shelf. Cool post.

  4. Incredibly the modern nursery toddler furniture collection ideas and practical arrangement you displayed in this post was good experience. Yeah, finding perfect modern furniture whether it is for our kids' or teens' rooms or for the adults' is really very hard and tiresome task. But reading the whole content I found some good ideas how and where to buy our desired home furniture. Glad to learn about MY Urban Child. For the guys in Fredericton area I can recommend furniture store Fredericton for getting their favorites with a cheap price.



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