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I think I've complained about this before, but when we bought our house new, it came with a whole lot of cheap fixtures. This was most evident in the bathrooms.  We have two full bathrooms and one powder room in our house. All three are pretty ugly since this is not where the builder puts their money. The three bathrooms have been painted but that's about it. I'd love to redo the mirrors, lighting, vanities, tiling, etc. Here are photos of 2 of the 3 bathrooms (Pablo's bathroom is full of medical supplies so no photos of our ensuite):

I found tons of good ideas on bathrooms.com. They've got numerous options for bathroom suites online with specials! on bathroom sets! I love me a great deal. And now that I think about it, our toilets are boring as all hell and bathrooms.com has some cool contemporary ones too because who knew that a toilet could be 'contemporary'. Love the wall hung toilets! What a freaking genius idea! Especially when you're toilet training a boy! (I'm thinking about how much easier it would be to clean messes from lack of aim). Check out the gorgeous toilet below. Did I just call a toilet gorgeous. YOU BET I DID!

Our bathrooms are tiny. You know a bathroom is tiny when it is practically impossible to photograph because either the door is in the way, you are in the photo or you can't even be in the bathroom when said photo is being taken. A good way to make a tiny bathroom appear larger is by using wall hung cabinets. When your sight line is extended - being able to see under wall hung cabinets - you get the appearance of a larger space. Bathrooms.com has a wide variety of modern and contemporary bathroom furniture cabinets. One cabinet that really caught my eye was their Madrid Zebra cabinet:

Gorgeous! That wood is so modern and I just love the clean lines of the sink, faucet and even the drawer handle. Totally my style.

I'd love to change out my ugly mirrors. They are rectangular and oh so boring. Cheap too. I'd love to pair the cabinet above with the Dune Moon circle mirror. The frosted edge would pair perfectly with the white sink above. And because I hate my rectangular mirrors, the circle shape would be a welcome change.

Time to start saving!


  1. In the meantime, while saving for new fixtures, you could paint the vanity an swap out the faucet and light - and put a frame around the mirror. I did that kind of refresh once my remodel was deemed "out of reach."

  2. Our bathrooms are tiny too--and old. The building was built in 1929 and I'm pretty sure the sink and tub are original. I know the tile on the floor and walls is original. Anyway. We thought we were going to have to be forced to redo one of them last week because of a leak. Thankfully the building engineer fixed it--it scored him a big batch of homemade cookies! So grateful.

    I really love that mirror you put in there and the shower curtain. Personality!

  3. Holiday - swapping out the faucet and light would be a big improvement and now I have to think of frames ideas for the mirror...something creative...thanks!

    Collette - old is good though for a bathroom - if it has that retro look that is. Cookies - you should have that guy over for dinner! LOL! Lucky you though! That mirror was in Isabella's room but since the desk addition in her room, no more wall space for it. I love the shower curtain too. I think my sister had ordered it from urban outfitters for me. And I've missed ya by the way.... :)

  4. It mostly has that retro look--retro grunge! ;-)

    We've had company and it's been a leetle beet crazy around here. But here I am!

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