princess and the pea

I would love to be able to do a bed like this for Isabella one day...so whimsical.


solid frog




minor details

3 peas in a pod

the winding road

my paper lily
midnight angel


  1. Ohh!! So cute!! Thanks again for the lovely and inspiring pictures!

  2. It's adorable--except that's exactly how I am--the Princess and the Pea. I even describe myself to hotel clerks that way when checking in and asking for the absolute quietest, comfiest room they have! (I've got stuff to tell you about my week but I've got to hit my bed now--I'll catch up tomorrow.)

  3. Ohhhh...now you've got me all curious! You better comment/email, something!

  4. Oh my--I never mentioned did I. Well, you know that item on my list-to-do-before-I-die about getting bit by a pit bull? Yep, checked off.

    It sounds WAY worse than it turned out to be but I was walking by a dog with its inattentive foster mother and it jumped up on me. I said, down and off and then tried to push its head down (mistake now I know but yikes). She lunged (the dog, not the inattentive foster mother) and bit my hand. A pretty deep puncture at the top of the heel on my left hand and what looks like a vampire bite on my thumb. Hurt like hell but it seems to be healing quite well. Yay! 2.5 hours the next day at the doctors and getting a tetanus shot. Boo! Gabe was super, super good. Yay!

    That pretty much covers it!!! Craziness, huh?

  5. Awesome beds. Actually mine looks almost like, but not as beautiful. So practical when I have some sleep in guest. I should give the mattresses some more colorful covers!

  6. Holy crap Collette!!! That's terrible that you got bit and terrible that the dog is obviously not well looked after. Such a shame.

  7. How do you cover the mattresses/pads? My baby girl would love this bed!

  8. How do you cover the mattresses/pads? My baby girl would love this bed!



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