it's been awhile...

since i've written a homefront update. I'll blame it on the craziness that has been our lives for the last few weeks. first of all, we all miss my parents who went to Puerto Vallarta for 7 weeks. They've only got a week and a half left thankfully. The kids ask for them constantly which will please my parents to no end. My parents help out alot with the kids and driving Pablo to his doctor's appointments, etc. so we REALLY notice when they are gone. Pablo has been sending them videos of the kids to keep them updated (I'll have to post some of the good ones here on the blog soon).

Pablo has been really sick and feeling like crap the last month or so. One reason for this is he's had to wean himself off his oxy's so that he can start using a new pain patch. He keeps this patch on his arm for a week and it slowly gives him pain medication. I knew the weaning off of the oxy's was not going to be easy and it sure wasn't. Pablo was definitely going through withdrawals and he was sick as a dog and grouchy. Lots of vomiting, real bad chest pains and many sleepless nights were included. Pablo still has bladder issues and has an appointment for video testing of his bladder at the end of this month. He might qualify to have a pacemaker for his bladder. We're hoping that this would be the last surgery that Pablo needs for a long while.

While all this was going on, I went through some big changes at work that has had me swamped for the last three weeks. I am so tired when I get home from work that I end up falling asleep by 8:30 most nights.

The kids are doing great. Simon's speech has improved immensely. So much so that Donna, who has been coming to the house once a week to work on his speech, said this week that she'll start coming every two weeks instead. She is just thrilled with his progress and so are we. Simon now sings songs and has conversations on the phone. He's talking almost as much as Isabella! Hard to believe. It's been a couple weeks now that Simon stopped napping. FINALLY, because now he falls asleep at 7:30/8:00pm instead of 9:30pm. Next we've really got to get going on the toilet training.

Isabella is so freaking smart. She impresses me daily with her ability to spell, write, speak french, etc. And the stuff that comes out of her mouth is just astonishing. Sometimes I have to remind myself that she is only 5. She got her Senior Kindergarten report card a few weeks ago and she is doing well in everything except she needs to work on not yelling out answers, to raise her hand and give others a chance to answer. Her highest mark was in Music. Who knew? And we found out this morning that she has a crush on this boy in her class. OMG. Too cute. Isabella has been going to soccer classes once a week for the last 5 months or so and there is only a few classes left. She's quite athletic but I think she needs to try something a bit more girly. She's leaning towards dance classes or gymnastics.

Pablo's two year craniversary is coming up. I can't believe that it is almost two years since he had brain surgery. I can't believe that after two years, that Pablo is still taking a large amount of pills every day and is still nowhere near being able to go back to work. The financial stress continues since the money he gets from disability is the shits. I'm trying my best to make some extra money through the blog so if anyone wants to take an ad with me, click the 'your ad here' button in my left sidebar and email me!

Love all of you. Thanks for sticking around and for your endless love and support.


  1. Wow that means its been over 2 years since i started reading your blog! Its such a blessing that your kids are doing so well, its awesome to be able to focus on positive things like that.

    Still sad about Pablo, praying that he will heal and be able to get back to work, so you guys can get back to your lives! - without sickness.

  2. It's been that long???? CRAZY!

    I'm sorry things have been so insane lately. Thank goodness for your sweet kids and how well they are doing. I'm sending lots of love, hugs, healing thoughts and wishes for rest.

  3. Keren - thank you so much for sticking around for those 2 years...for the highs and lows. Thanks for your prayers. You know, I really don't remember what a healthy Pablo is...

    Collette - in these last two years, I've really learned to deal with stress and chaos and insanity. Thank goodness for the kids and the happiness they exude and their progress as they grow. They are truly awesome kids and I am so proud that they're mine. A huge thank you to you for being such a good friend. You always know just what to say and I adore you for that.



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