on being a twin

i have an identical twin sister named kim (of the blog desire to inspire). we are incredibly alike. always have been and still are. we were inseparable when we were real little and when we started school, my mom asked the school to put us in the same class. 

here's a couple of photos from WAY back:

kim and i had the same tastes growing up. we enjoyed playing the same sports (ie. softball), we both liked to draw, we both excelled in school, we had the same group of friends... twins in every sense of the word. and even though we had separate bedrooms growing up, we always slept in the same room. my mom would dress us alike up until we were old enough to realize that this really wasn't cool and we didn't like the extra attention that it drew to us. we were really shy.

we were in the same class right up until the end of high school. when we finished high school, we both went to the same university but kim took psychology and i took law. we finished university and we both ended up in retail wondering what the heck to do with our lives. then we both decided to go back to school and so we enrolled in a computer science program in college. another 3 years of school together. again, in all the same classes. during college, we both got co-op jobs in different government departments. once college was done, kim and i ended up getting a job in the same department. we had offices right next to each other. confused everyone at first but those who knew us well could tell us apart. after a few years, i wanted a change so i got a job on another project, with the same department. this meant i had to move office buildings - a few blocks down from where kim was. that is where we've been for the last 8 years or so, working just down the street from one another, working for the same department.

after 8 years of working down the street from each other, there were some big departmental reorganization that is happening right now and kim and her co-workers moved to my building last Friday. even better, she moved to the same floor as me, just a few offices down. ahhhh, the confusion that this will bring. love it. now i'll be able to help kim take photos of her daily outfits for her fashion blog, closet rivalry (that she does with our younger sister, jen).

having a twin is awesome. i can call her up when i'm having a shitty day and i don't even need to say hello, i just start venting and she listens and tells me to calm the hell down. even though i've had a couple kiddos and she hasn't, we're pretty much the same size. she gives me alot of clothes and shoes that she's tired of and because our tastes in fashion are the same, this is fantastic for broke me - the stuff fits perfect and i love it all. this also works well for home decor stuff. we pass around knick knacks and furniture very often, ie. months ago, she gave me her west german pottery collection for my dining room because she didn't have the room for it anymore. SCORE!

to reiterate how identical we are, we both had the same surgery on our 24th birthday. crazy, i know.

i am proud to be a twin. (jen, in case you feel left out, you rock too).


  1. i started reading this wondering what in the hell you were talking about the twin thing for...

    by the way, i LENT you my WG pottery collection. that shit cost alot. i need to sell it off soon. gotta pay for the new house. :)

  2. not quite sure why i wrote it...i was kinda bored yesterday. and when you're ready to sell your pottery, you'll have to give/lend me something to replace it with. LOL!

  3. The bond you two has sounds absolutely beautiful xx

  4. I randomly came across your blog from Pinterest, I think. I have 4 year old twin girls and I am trying to decided whether or not to keep them in the same class as they begin Kindergarten next year? As a twin, would you keep them together? BTW, love you blog.

  5. We were REALLY shy kids so keeping us together helped us deal with the whole scariness of school. Although maybe we would have gotten away from the shyness sooner if we didn't have each other's backs all the time. I say keep them together for now, and then when they're a bit older let them choose.

  6. The bond we have is pretty indescribable Tamsyn.

    Thanks Cara! I totally agree with Kim - keep them together for now and let them decide later on. You'll be really glad you kept them together.

  7. it's ok...i'm used to being left out :-)

    "the other one"

  8. i love this post!! we are learning about twins in our psychology class right now. so interesting. thanks for posting this. :)

  9. This is so sweet! It's so lovely that you have each other and that you're all so close--even "the other one". ;-)

  10. glad you liked it Alexandra. twins are definitely interesting! :)

    Collette - it is pretty fantastic that we are so close. even the other one. kim and i didn't get along very well with the other one until she finished high school. now we're all best buds. :)



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