renovating your bathroom?

Have you decided it's time to update your bathroom? They say kitchens and bathrooms are what sell a home. I strongly agree. A friend of mine bought a house that had...CARPETTING...in the bathroom. Wall to wall. I believe it was green. Disgusting. I'm surprised the owners of that home didn't at least attempt to pull up the carpet before selling.

If you put the money into redoing you bathroom(s), they say you'll get that money back, and then some when it comes time to sell. And isn't it that much more appealing to sell a home with an updated bathroom? Hell yes.

If you're looking to create modern bathrooms for your home, style and function are key. Don't think of a bathroom as just a room where you take a quick shower and get out. Why not make it a place where you can wind down after a hard day's work and relax in a comfy bath? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Sounds dreamy to me.

I can't believe what's out on the market now to make a bathroom cozy, functional and energy efficient. I mean, what's better than getting out of your shower or bath to heated floors?!?!? I'm the kind of person who wears socks in the summer because I hate cold feet so heated floors are my kind of thing. And call me crazy but heated towel rails?!?!? Good lord that sounds heavenly. The kids would love that too since they can't stand getting out of the bath for fear of freezing to death. Heated towel rails not only help your towels dry nice and fast but the kids would get out of the bath that much easier if they had nice warm towels to get wrapped up in.

When choosing all the pieces to your bathroom, bathroom fitted suites is the way to go. A bathroom needs to flow and especially so if it's a smaller space. My bathrooms are tiny and therefore everything flows within the room. All fixtures are off-white in our main bathroom. I would have preferred white but that's what I got stuck with. Now if I want to change the toilet, I have to make sure to replace it with an off-white toilet or else I have to change the sink, the bathtub...you get the picture.

I was perusing though Bathrooms.com bathroom furniture and I can't believe how you can get all wall hung furniture/pieces for your bathroom. Fantastic because the more pieces you have off the floor, the more your eye can see and the bigger the room looks. The three bathrooms in my house are tiny. The powder room on the main floor is around 3 feet by 5 feet and even more unfortunate is that the bathroom door opens INTO the bathroom. It's a really tight squeeze. It would look so much roomier if the sink and toilet were wall hanging. And love those tankless toilets. Again, would greatly help a tiny bathroom like mine appear larger.

I can't wait for when my twin sister starts her house reno and has to pick out all her bathroom accessories. I'm not sure what kind of style she is going to go for but I have alot of ideas I've got to share with her.


  1. I am laughing so hard right now....the bathroom we are about to renovate in our house? Green wall-wall carpeting. I can't WAIT for it to G.O. Go!

  2. Oh you poor thing!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! Good luck!

  3. Thanks for the tip!

    I love my bathroom http://rustaupp.blogg.se/2011/february/utkast-feb-18-2011.html

    But I'm not particularly in love with No. 2 bathroom home with me. But I myself have painted the ceiling green in there now to make it look better.

    Mvh isabella


  4. isabella - those bathrooms are GORGEOUS! You did a fantastic job. They are so bright, colourful and fun! I'll keep them in mind if I do another bathroom post!



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