Agathe's room

Annick of blogue ta vie emailed me the link to a post she did on her daughter, Agathe's room. Check out this eclectic and bright coloured room:


  1. Loving her teepee. Not too sure about the stand up figure doll! Could be a bit freaky in the middle of the night!

  2. I was going to decorate the nursery in green, red & purple--nice to see how cute it can be, as I haven't even gotten around to painting yet.

  3. The green is great! And even the games on the shelf look good!

  4. Tracey - when I bought a moose head for Simon's wall, I was worried it would freak him out (esp. in the night) but he loves it!

    Jena - that would be such a colourful and fun nursery!

    Collette - no kidding. I should take a picture of the storage room where we store all the games and toys and post it. Very scary.



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