eclectic kids' rooms


  1. Hello Julia! I just want to say thank you for having such a beautiful and inspiring blog. With the help of all your posts i was finally able to put all the ideas i had together and re-do my 2 year old daughter's bedroom.
    so, thank you!! and keep up the great work.

    in case you are curious to see what her room looks like:


  2. Hi there! Thank you for your kind words about my blog! Your daughter's room is adorable. You did such a good job putting it all together. I'd love to post it here soon if that's okay with you.

  3. Thank you! And yes, please it would be a great compliment if you posted it on your blog.

  4. If you had the bed in that first picture, you could just roll it around the against the wall if they bugged you! ;-)

    The reading nook on top of the bed is pure genius. I'm really stunned by how original and cool that is!

  5. I like the idea of rolling a bed around to be able to clean under it! LOL! Plus it would be so easy to rearrange the room with a bed on wheels too.

    The reading nook on top of the bed is such a genius use of height - esp. if you are lacking in room width but have lots of height to play with.

  6. Anytime there's a special place for me to read, I'm in!



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