Sunday photos

Miss Piggy finger puppet

the muppets finger puppets
Simon playing with his new Chuggington train set

more than happy to pose for pics
the cheeky monkeys

this old girl isn't doing so well and I don't think she's got much time left...she's had a real good 20 years though


  1. I love the muppets! Aww poor kitty, although I hope mine live that long, not that it's any less sad when they pass on.

  2. looks like you had a great family day. your kitty looks lovely

  3. The cheeky monkeys look good together! Poor kitty.

  4. I watched a lot of muppets growing up! Brings back memories.

    Trying to figure out when is the right time to take the cat to the vet. She has never been and the only time I am going to take her is going to be to have her put down. I don't want her to suffer so I'm keeping a watchful eye on her.



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