vignettes on kids' dressers


  1. i'm ashamed, my baby's dresser holds a plastic basket with diapering basics and not much else (in my defense, it also doubles as a changing table and the kiddo tries to grab everything, so a vignette would be impractical, albeit nice)

  2. Gabe's got those trucks that are sitting on top of the bookcase in the design sponge picture but they never look as neat as that!

  3. Marie - I hear ya! Vignettes in my kids' rooms only last a few seconds and then they get rearranged by little fingers. Sometimes I wish I had put wall shelves up in both my kids' rooms...up high too.

    Collette - Simon's got some like that too but I think a few pieces went missing....easy to do in our diaster toy area in the basement.

  4. One good thing about having a (relatively) small place is that Gabe's toys are in the living room--good because they have to get picked up every day!



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