boys' rooms


  1. hey julia, love your blog. could you do a post on boys lighting solutions? i've been searching for a pendant light for my 4yr old's room for some time don't want anything too grownup, and not cars & trucks either. so many pretty girly options for my daughter, but nada for the boys. thanks

  2. Love them all, not too sure about having an open fire in a kid's bedroom though!

  3. kayajoy - i totally agree with the little inspiration for boys' room lighting. My son's room has an overhead light that is uglya nd terrible and looks like a boob. Haven't found a replacement for it yet. I'll look through my stash of photos over the weekend to put together a post for you so stay tuned!

    TT - I guess if that is your only source of heat but still...SAFETY FIRST! LOL!



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