got me some new antlers!

My good buddy Jim, who brings me antlers from his home in Alberta, happened to be in town this week on a course. Jim, being the ever so thoughtful guy that he is, packed a whole bunch of antler sheds in his suitcase because he knows how I obsess over them. He's brought me a ton in the past and thought I'd be tired of them by now but HELL NO. I was even nice enough to let my twin sister have three of the lot (because she loves them as much as I do).

Here's the ones I kept:

 One of them I'd like to hang on the wall in my bedroom and hang jewelry from it but for now they are all on my dining room table (the biggest one is one that Jim had brought me back on a previous trip):

 Jim - thank you once again for thinking of me and for bringing these beauties all the way from Alberta in your suitcase. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!


  1. SO COOL. This is the perfect time to host a giveaway...

    Can I has antler? ;)


  2. lol at the comment above. You have to love someone that brings you dead animal parts. :]

  3. My goodness Julia I am soooooooo jealousssss, totally green with envy. I wish Jim would come down under with a suitcase of antlers for me! Xxxx

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  5. Ok, Jim, remember me....yeah me....I told you last time I saw you that I'd also like to have some antlers...so next time, bring me some :-) just sayin' that would be awesome :-) lol!
    Sabrina G.

  6. nicole - that's a great idea but I just can't part with any!

    Hollie - thankfully they aren't from dead animals, deers shed their antlers and grow new ones. :)

    Roberta - I'll tell Jim he can stay with you if he ever visits, in exchange for a suitcase of antlers! LOL!

    Sabrina - I totally forgot you wanted one! I might have to find one that I can part with then... :)

  7. @Julia ~ I was just kidding. Mainly, because I am jealous. ;) Your friend Jim seems like one rad dude!

  8. Jim is a rad dude. I heard a rumour that he might be shipping more antlers due to popular demand! LOL!

  9. They really are the most amazing things when you stop and think about them!

  10. You bet! I think that is why I am so obsessed with them!



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