happy mother's day

I've got some family updates but before I get into that, I just want to wish all the momma's out there a happy mother's day! A big happy mother's day to my mom who has been such a huge help and support - especially over the last couple of years. We're heading out to my sister's cottage for the day tomorrow to celebrate mother's day. The weather is expected to be sunny and warm and we're all looking forward to a day outside with family.

As for the family updates I mentioned, I'll start with Simon and move onto Pablo. Donna from OCTC (the First Words program) used to come once a week to help Simon with his speech, then after a few months, that changed to every two weeks and recently, every three weeks due to his progress. Simon's speech progress has been truly astonishing. This past week during Donna's visit, I had to fill out a questionnaire about Simon's speech, motor skills, etc. and Simon passed with flying colours. His speech level is now comparable to kids his age so thankfully, Simon's speech is no longer an issue. YAY! The only thing we have to work on now is toilet training, teaching him to jump (he has hip problems) and getting him to dress himself, all of which we want Simon to have accomplished by the end of the summer.

Now for some Pablo health news. I had mentioned not too long ago that Pablo's brain tumour had caused some serious damage to his bladder. Basically, his brain tells him that he needs to go to the bathroom when his bladder isn't even full. A complete disconnect. To solve this, Pablo needs to have a bladder pacemaker. Unfortunately this isn't done here in Ottawa. Toronto is the closest place that offers this surgery. Pablo had an appointment in Toronto with the surgeon this past week. The appointment was scheduled for 9am so Pablo got a cheap flight to Toronto (since he can't drive) the day before and got a hotel room for the night. He got to the hospital for 9am and the appointment lasted less than 10 minutes. It was the kind of appointment that could EASILY been done over the phone. No tests were involved or anything that required for Pablo to physically be in Toronto. Pablo was so angry (as was I). He asked them weeks before if this appointment required a trip to Toronto and he was assured that he needed to go to Toronto and it would be a 90 minute appointment. The only thing he got from that appointment was the dates of his next two appointments in Toronto. Both appointments are taking place before the end of this month. At the first appointment, they will put an external pacemaker on Pablo's bladder. It will be taped to his back but wiring will be internal. Pablo will wear this for one week and then back to Toronto to have it removed. The internal pacemaker surgery will be sometime near the end of the summer. 

Here's to hoping that this is the last surgery for some time.

Last night, Pablo had an MRI done of his brain. Pablo's been feeling real sick for a couple months and having alot of the same symptoms he had when his tumour was discovered. He asked to have an MRI done and we should get the results soon. His oncologist thinks there may be some brain swelling caused by the radiation from a year and a half ago. He said it is not uncommon for swelling to occur this long after radiation. If there is brain swelling, Pablo most likely will have to take Decadron again (steroid to stop swelling). Pablo took Decadron after his brain surgery and even though it is an effective drug to stop swelling, it made him gain about 40 pounds in a month.

Stay tuned...


  1. Oh my gosh. Definitely good news/bad news situation. Yikes!!!

    Big hugs and I hope your Mother's Day was fabulous. I'm still recovering from vacation. And Gabe being sick. And Joe being sick. ;-) Raining/pouring!

  2. Happy belated mother's day to you! Hope the vacation was awesome. And I totally can relate to the raining/pouring because that seems to be the motto around here...



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