training wheels be gone!

The kids and I went outside today (it was GORGEOUS out) and we watched a girl down the street learn to ride her bike without training wheels. I asked Isabella if she'd like to try riding her bike without training wheels and she said sure. I took the training wheels off and helped her ride down the street and within a couple minutes, she was booting it down the street by herself. She even mastered turning once she got to the end of the street. She also figured out how to brake and then start back up all by herself. It was very impressive how quickly she figured it out with minimal falls (and subsequent scrapes and bruises). I took a few quick shots of Isabella in action:


  1. she was EXTREMELY proud. so cute to see.

  2. That is so awesome when they 'get' it!

  3. Super great!!! Gabe has a balance bike that he's been riding for forever. So pedals are totally weird for him. We thought because he's already got the balance he wouldn't need the training wheels but he's resisting. He decided we'd try again this weekend but maybe with training wheels...I'm gonna show him the pictures of Isabella!

  4. Awwwwwwwwwww. I have often thought about getting a balance bike. Maybe for Simon... Tell Gabe that Isabella says it's a piece of cake! :)



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