happy father's day

Just a quick little post to say happy father's day to my dad and to Pablo. Two amazing men. Isabella made the cutest card for Pablo at school for father's day (I should have taken a photo of it) that said 'My love for you is as solid as a rock'. She then wrote a note to my dad that said this too. Super cute and touching.

I'm posting this a little late because we spent the whole day hanging out at my parents' place poolside. Pablo and my dad started off the day with a game of golf. Simon spent 5 hours straight in the pool. The only time he got out was to pee and to put on more sunscreen. We put floaties on him and he swam around and played like I've never seen. It was so cool to watch how fearless he is of the water. This tired him out so much that he passed out right after dinner on the swingset and I couldn't resist taking some photos of him with my sister's phone:

at 3.5 yrs old, he looks HUGE in this swing


  1. He looks soo big. Time flies. Lots of love!

  2. That photo is completely HYSTERICAL!!!! I can't wait to show Gabe in the morning.

    For Father's Day, I thought we'd get Joe a personalized keychain. I asked Gabe what he wanted Joe to know every day. Gabe said, "I love Mama and Gabe." Um, okay. So the keychain says, "I love Collette and Gabe". Not what I expected but pretty funny.

  3. Thank you Maria!

    Collette - this swing soooooo needs a headrest for Simon`s naps... I so wish I could give Gabe the biggest hug that keychain sounds adorable!



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